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Who Is In Your Boat?

Who you travel with makes a big difference. There is nothing that I enjoy less than a road trip. But I've realized that whoever I am traveling with, is certainly going to impact the journey. You've heard the expression "misery loves company," and the opposite is true as well: joy is contagious. In Matthew 14:22-33 the disciples are sailing at night across the Sea of Galilee when a violent storm crops up. Some of these men were experienced fishermen who'd spent their professional careers on the water but this storm terrified them. Matthew describes how Jesus walked out on the water towards the boat. At first the disciples thought he was a ghost, because how many times do you see your pastor or teacher walk on water? When they recognized him to be Jesus, Peter asked Jesus to bid him to come out and walk on the water too. Then it happens...for a brief moment, with his eyes focused on Christ, Peter does the impossible, he walks on water! But this nature-defying miracle is only for a moment. The wind picks up and Peter's gaze goes from Jesus to the storm surrounding him. I'm certain that you've faced "storms" in your life. We have all seen our fair share of hardship. But, again, who we are traveling with makes a big difference. Isaiah 43 tells us that when we encounter hardship that God will be with us. Not if we encounter hardship but when. Its only a matter of time. When the disciples have Jesus in their boat, the storm fizzles out. Bless Peter for his courage. Christ seems to chastise him for having "little faith," but I don't see any of the other disciples jumping out of the boat. As he faces the reality that he is still in the storm, Peter begins to sink and is pulled up by Jesus' helping hand. So, who is in your boat? It is inevitable that you're going to have to face a storm. You are in charge of the boat that you're traveling in, so why not assemble a crew of friends and family who will support you? Why not invite Jesus to journey with you? Keep your eyes on him, he's bigger than the storm. Happy sailing!


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